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SI (18/11/1984 / Riyadh)


Poem By Sarah Ibrahim

Shut your eyes tight
and start a Dream about a night

A night where the stars shine
and the Moon light is Divine

Spread your arms wide
And start a Dream that is wild

Hold your breath and start to Fly
Try to reach for the great Sky

Let the night wind Brush your skin
Make it part of you deep within

Hold your Dreams tight
and make it your wings of Light

make it ur armour when life make you feel Blue
Use it when an ugly day wont make you go through

when Life hunts with crule Flames
and You got caught in sadness Frames

close your eyes and Swim in your Dreams
and forget how Ugly can Life Screams

Because Life is hard with out dreams
No matter how easy it may seems

Sarah Ibrahim ©

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Comments (5)

i enjoyed the subtle optimism x
dreams are fantasies and uv clearly expressed them.. nice! - mel
Life itself is a largish dream......A nice poem anyway.
dreams are mind games..........ignited based on accumulative impulses. i had a dream..........of liking someone......like you!
a good companion of dreams...and a confident one at that... love your poem, sarah