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Till the other day, I was a wandering soul,
unsure of myself and my long cherished goal,
moving at a snail's pace was my indentity
and I always envisioned being a formidable entity.

The dawn soon arrived in form of thunder,
those ugly circumstances made me wonder,
if this is my life then scavangers are better
come what may, I ll never surrender.

Facing the heat became a newly found passion,
Company of the scorching sun was my only compassion,
the dripping sweat smelled sweeter than flowers,
and I lurched ahead admist torrent showers.

Midway I lost the streak,
Hurdles were hard and soul was weak,
Gathering all the courage, I started walking
tumbling though, I was still standing.

Hearing distant roar of trimph awakened the soul,
Once again, I found my long cherished goal,
the obstructions are still hard as cages,
Inside the heart, inferno rages.

This is the time to stand and fight,
belief in almighty is the only grace in sight.
Heros have always risen from ashes,
reducing every monster to burning lashes.

The dawn will be mine,
the sun will again shine,
the sweat will again smell like roses,
and once again, this soul will be intoxicated by glorious doses.

by Poras Sharma

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a very nice poem.shows indomitable spirit and belief in yourself although assailed by doubts at times as is true of all of us
true and optimistic....all aims and dreams are realised but the time is unknown...keep going through all impediments...success will come... 'Der hai andher nahin' and this is Life...well composed...liked the spirit of the poem...
This is one great write bro and I Simply LOVE it... Asome job Dreams can come true, if we want it bad we can make it through. We all dream but few realize there dream. We just wake up hoping it will come true. Until we make sincere efforts nothing is true. So dream on Dreamer... :)
beautiful dreams are hard to come by..............
Beautiful poem about the life and its struggle........I have writtesn similar ones
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