Poem Hunter
(15th May 1972 / Birmingham)


Poem By Stefan nnn

i have had dreams.

bad dreams,
sad dreams
mad dreams, and
ones i just don't want to remember
and don't.

if i was bukowski i might
tell you about
my wet dreams
in reams of - quite
clevery written rhyme

but time, has never really
granted me those, so in
i must write of others.

those bad, sad, and mad ones
that leave me delerious
ly confused and dis
orientated, though even
that is an under
stated explanation.

whispered through this din of tinntinabu...
what was i saying? that damn
ringing in my ears
from fears as yet unspoken
though awoken already
many times on restless mornings
or in troubled nights

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a wonderful poem exploring the world over which we have no control each night like playing Russian roulette but have no fear what you wish the night has a life of its own and in the end a dream of impossible joy shall latch onto your soul and send you into delight