Demons Pt.2

The demons are now calling
They are everywhere
They say 'nothing is helping'
But I must be prepared for a scare
The Angels are not shining
The demons are giving light
As I soon make a binding
Time shows the new sight
As the darkness takes over
The goodness soon gone
My time new self takes cover
My old self now gone
Now having a Lust for cold
I have so much fun
The heat is not bold
But this feeling is done
Having to have a smile on my face
As blood will be spilled
Each time I find a new case
A new victim is killed
Collection hearts or bones
It feels nice
Now not being alone
They are clean not one lice

by Jazz Christopher

Comments (51)

A dream, so elegant in holding the readers to ponder on.
Lovely lines that loaded with love!
Beautiful poem Thampi. A peaceful, almost a serene lullaby of love and sweet dreams.....10
Dream is where hearts sing and poems spring..It is our blissful land where all our desires fulfilled.Beautiful poem on dream.Thank you for sharing.- - -
Fantastic presentation. Wonderful imagery. Lovely poem. Many thanks.
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