If life is but a dream,
Where from doth it spring?
Aren't dreams ethereal/
Are they real?
A dream as such
is nothing much,
but a relate
of daily events,
if good to explore, if bad to ignore.
Life is more than ad ream,
it's a journey
form the day
we're born till the day we die.
To live to dream is not like
to dream to live,
There's the rub,

by Carmen M. Aponte

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Dear Mr. Carmen, Life is not only an empty dream, but also is a drama. We are all actors, playing our respective roles as father, mother, husband, wife, son, daughter and so on. The same person can be a father to his son, son to his father, husband to his wife, master to his servant, teacher to his student and so on. Depending upon his role, he takes his name. This is how things take shape according to time, cause and effect. Your poem is nice to read. Let me introduce myself as a poet in the same website poemhunter.com. Nice to share your feelings Rajaram Ramachandran Mumbai, India From: rajaram@pacific.net.in