I see them in our streets, our homes our family and our lives,
They bounce of the walls with the tenacity of a thousand men,
Never wanting to be caught, never willing to be found.
Never existing until I make them exist,
My creation runs and yet;
It runs faster than I,
Never needing a breath never needing to stop.
Time is my only chance to catch up, but
They've already been infected by time
But that shit is before my time
So I bend the rules of time,
For this is my time.
My time to come and my time to take over.
Light speed is, but when im walking.
For these are my dreams, my aspirations.

When it comes to my dreams never let do with what I have.
More is to be had.
It is how we must live; MORE MORE MORE MORE!
Life will always come if I sit still,
But I must reach for my dreams
Fight through the crowd,
Get hit, and fall down.
Pain is, but temporary, Victory is forever.
Pain is, but temporary
After the fight is when dreams because seen,
For to achieve it I must first be known to it.
Fight until the death, for dreams are worth it.
Break from the streets to join the cause
I overcame it so they named me after it
And I be spitting at death from behind.

Death is, but a name to give my enemy.
Dreams will always out will death,
I will always live on.
Body spirit and soul
Before death is eternity, after death is eternity
There is no death there's only eternity
And I be riding on the wings of eternity
Fight for my eternity.
For when I stop the fights, I stop the chase
And my dream once again starts slipping
Away; away away away.
Faster than a meteor destroying life,
My dreams destroy me.
I fall to the streets,
Fall down to the corner;
I become the soul living on a street.
So next time you pass me by,
Ask not what I did to myself.
Ask simply why I gave up the fight.

by Dillon Crawford

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