LJG (August 16,1987 / new jersey)


She walks the streets from dust till dawn
Singing that song
One eye forever glazing to the darken sky
The other upon the things to come
Some may say she kept her hopes and dreams
Among the stars
Yet each night she walked these streets
Those stars would hide
Knowing full will that it was her will that let them be
They say she was not quite human
That she was made of sky and a soul of a child that
Left to early to mark this world as her own
They say that she walked these streets for her
Family had taken to the road
She simply sings her song of past things
Never stopping for you to hear the whole song
Thou it may take you years as it has I for I have never left
These streets, for she walks and walks never at a run
One step from the back
I walked as she swaying to that simple song of past things
Listing for her soft words
Soft as air those words be cutting those street life sounds
I still hold some youth to me
How old I be some times
It hard to hold to worldly things such as time
She walks these streets from dust till dawn
Singing her song still we walk, holding to her
Listing to her words as if gold
I once ask the night sky for a name to give this child
The ground shudder with a force
Then it came, that child I had hold onto
These many years
Those beauiful stars.

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