Poem By Goddy Nana Mens

It starts with a simple thought
A tiny surge of electricity through the brain
A spark of genius
A flame of ambition that only dies upon realization
A passion that sets the mind afire
The glory that makes the world brighter

It starts with a moment
A moment that becomes a memory
A memory that tugs at the heart
That tugs and tugs and tugs till the heart is bent
Till choice is spent
And the will is set in stone

It is the hope that keeps the spirit alive
Our vision of a brighter tomorrow
One less murder, one less greedy
One more mother, one less needy

What will the world be without them?

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A rolling roar yet a hushing still
A vast of green creased in white
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A day before the hero died
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Power and strength abounding


When the aliens visit our lands
We will welcome them with open hands
We will not greet them on bended knee
Yet we will attend to their every need