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Dreams come in ones sleep
As do we wish them true
Through my dreams I’ve met a guy
I wish that guy was you

He holds me when my heart is down
He tells me things are good
He lets me vent my raging thoughts
To be like this all guys should

He watches my every move
To make sure I don’t fall
He’s always there to catch me
He’s always standing tall

He dries the tears from my eyes
His kisses are so light
Whenever I’m in trouble
He’s always there to fight

I know he gives me all his heart
He’d die just for my name
But who is this knight I see?
To not know him is a shame

We laugh and cry together
And the memories start to form
This relationship between is
Has once just been born

As the darkness starts to fall
The fog I can’t see through
But then I open up my eyes
And realize it was you

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