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Dreams About Things
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Dreams About Things

I had a dream last night, my friend
there was a guy named Bligh
he bucked the Fairfax ghetto trend
and took some pills, got high
he was a pitiful disaster
and cut, you know, it hurt his pride
he did not know when Alabaster
came to his aid as a new bride.
He was a Jew, and Hollywood,
though full of them did not condone
the goings on of what one could
call anti-Kike right to the bone
so, in the end, they drove him out
he had no talent and no skills
the sheriff, he was pretty stout
stood tall like one who seldom kills
his middle finger pointed west
although he meant the Middle East
while chewing gum he said 'it's best
if they had gone and really greased
his neck before the blade came down
the world would surely thank them all
and give them one Kuterian crown
as in the end they always fall.'

But God looked down and said those words
if human beings can't decide
between the apples and the turds
I will go in the clouds and hide.

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