Dreams And You

Morning and I am still unawake
My eyes are closed though it’s too late
I dream about you, you alone to date
In a world I am unable to possibly make

In my dreams, raindrops are sweet
In my night thoughts dogs bleat
In my mind birds that fly creep
And the pretty Mona Lisa and Joker weep

When I dream butterflies crawl
The clouds and stars above also fall
The sun is no longer a huge fireball
The midgets and mushrooms stand tall.

Dreams are often hard to touch and fold
They are sometimes untrue and untold
But if it’s only in dreams that you I can hold
I would rather dream till I grow old

In that string of thoughts I am always in glee
Whenever I'm with you and you with me
In my dreams you’re the one I always see
Wishing that soon it’ll be you and me

by alejandro bernardo

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BEAUTIFUL rhymes... it's a melody in my ears. thanks for sharing. keep on writing and dream wider.md