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Dreams Are Always Better Than Real

I want you to love me
Just one more day
And let me feel those nice
feelings once again
Let me forget that you have already went away
cause that will make me go insane

Let me love you one more day
To give you more love
that may make you stay

Come back to my life once again appear
Stay in my heart come near
Remove this fear

Let us fall in love once more
And from this dream don't make me awake
Don't say goodbye
Don't close the door
For heaven's sake

You were the sweetest dream
I know
Dreams are always better than real
Dreams always bring sun beam
Real puts you in prisons of steel

17 December 1999

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Hi, I am Cameron Diaz and I’m tell you that I like you poet but I’mnot here to tell you I like your poet. I’m here to help you improve it. You are an amazing poet.Not most unknown poet are found this so declare yourself lucky. If you read this thank you for reading this.
candle everyday to turn off mean soul everyday to me turn off inside so no need for feelings if i was poor and cold in streets and you don't feel but birthdays... real is not dream and i saw my image in my father life... honor / peace / save he will keep it where ever he goes after death unknown... thanks dream man.
Seems she was a dream walking I hope she comes back and for more than one day...poem is full of feelings my first visit I shall return regards
Very finely wrought technique and emotional impact thanks