Dreams Are Dreams And Nothing More

I am trapped within a population sea
So much my heart desires to be set free
Desire for large buildings, I have none
I want open fields and to see the rising sun
Traffic, cars, and concrete so coarse
I'll have no need of these if mounted upon a horse
To run! to gallop! All across the land
wind in my face, reins within my hand
My faithful compainon, I need no other friend
The bond between us, no one can comprehend
This vision brings me great happiness
But I cry because it is simple foolishness
For I know nothing of which I seek
I have never experianced that of which I speak
I am trapped within a population sea
I am trapped, with no way to be set free

by Glaedr the poet

Comments (3)

.............dreams can come true.....truly hope yours does.....sounds like fun to live in the country with nature..... and go horseback riding every day to see the rising sun.....even the setting sun would be just as nice....enjoyed...
the description u have given is good but what u have in the title is something i dont really believe. dreams are not just dreams but ur imagination and something u cherish and beyond all they are a great desire. dream and dream and dream...because dreams come true- this is what the Indian President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam says. And even i believe-dream and dream but never expect them to be fulfilled. Hope u have understood what i mean to express Lubna
A very good poem, sad in the end, but beautiful! I love the imagery and the analogy: dreams and freedom! Unfortunaly, there are lots of us who are trapped in those concrete walls... ~~Elya Thorn~~