Dreams Buried In Our Hearts

Full fathom lies our heart's desire,
Mourned forever 'till the next life,
Two lives reconnected in the peace of the night,
Dreams that intersects - imaginations in our minds.

A perfect encounter yet too late to manifest
In a material world, dreams push aside,
Separate lives thousands of miles apart
Only comes to life in the peace of a quiet night.

A dream lies full fathom in our minds,
Converging perfect match, yet buried never to rise,
Minds too busy to care about their hearts,
Happiness lies within the boundaries of working minds
Reconnected not, despite a yearning heart.

Deeper, go deeper lies the hearts that yearn,
World apart - vast ocean a great divide,
Nature provides, an impossible dream never to walk by
Convergence on both sides - our dreams never for us to desire.

Content are we - our lives meant to travail,
Our love ones around us a comfort for despair,
The peace of the night our only consoling affair
Yet never to converge - full fathom lies our hearts deep in our minds.

by Jona PoloRamirez

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