Dreams Can Come True..

Tomorrow morning is so far away,
but I'll know you'll always stay.
In my dreams I picture you,
believe me you look good too.
Last night we were on a beach,
but sadly you were out of reach.
I screamed and shouted but you ignored,
so I ran and hid so I could mourn.

The though of loosing you hit me hard,
so I crawled away onto this yard.
I sat in the rain and thought of us,
was I loosing that loving trust?
When I awoke to find you there,
you had a paralysingly evil stare.
I stood up and looked at you,
to read your eyes say 'what did you do? '

You turned around to walk away,
making sure you told me to stay.
I stood and wondered what I had done,
in my dream did I really run?
I tried to follow but you said no,
if I'd hurt you you should of said so.
I tried to picture what had happened,
but I could never see as it was always the beach and me.
Were you there, did you know? if so please tell me.

I heard a noise and turned around,
there you were looking down.
I thought what had took so long,
so I asked to see what was wrong.
You looked at me not saying a word,
so I knew it must of hurt.
You had your bag and got your keys,
at least about that I could be pleased.
You walked past out the door,
then i heard your engine roar.
i fell to my knees and cried my eyes out,
what happend in my dream i still had a doubt.

Now I know that dreams can hurt,
but do you think that you have learnt.

by Bernadette Rushfirth

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