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Dreams Do Come True
MAM (01/23/79 / Pasay City)

Dreams Do Come True

As I watch the moon so bright while the stars are twinkling
I can see your face thru those things and I remember you
No other can make me this feel way but only you my sweet
I never been this honest and only you can make me open up
First I was so scared that I might fall deeply in love with you
And then I did, and I realize it is the best thing that happen to me

I will give all the things I would just to make you stay with me
I’ll climb the tallest mountain just to prove to you my love
No matter how tall the wall they’ll build between us, I’ll break it
And I never been this strong before until you came into my life
My words may sounds untrue but if you look into my heart
You’ll see there’s more than words that could describe how I feel

Now you are in my life, I’ll cherish every moment we had
Thru bad times I’ll be there and thru good times my sweet
I’ll be the best that I could be because I want to make you smile
Because I want to make this work out and make this last
No matter what they say, what they think… all I know is that I love you
And the magic will last, and we’ll prove them love still exist

Believe it or not this is what I really meant to you
I want to be the one to give you the vows and the ring
Though it’s still early… this is what I’m feeling my sweet
Let’s go to the place where lovers never quit
Where there is such thing as forever…
Dreams do come true my sweet.. if you believe..
And I believe we can make thru time… near or far! ! !

So lay down your hand and let me hold it once again
You’ll feel the warmth of the love we both are sharing
We can’t deny anymore what we feel.. this is God gift to us
So let’s thank him and cherish all the wonderful he gave to us
And I couldn’t ask for more just to be with you with eternity…

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