Dreams Don'T Come True

I read dreams don't come true
I realized it when you left me broken.

I know hopes break hearts deeply
I found out when you shattered my heart.

I thought you are my soul mate
I sighed when you shunned me far away.

I erased all pains from the page of your life
I hurt myself when you were not happy with me.

I crossed the distance between the two skies
I disbelieved you were never mine.

I cried in prayers for your hardships
I shattered into pieces when you said, I am your problem.

I stretched my arms for you in the lonely nights
I found out you never wanted me to be in your life.

I faked laughters to bring smile on your face
I thought your happiness is the same as mine.

I gathered all leaves from the autumn's field to warm you
I forgot that I am not the light you're looking for.

I tossed all sorrows away from your hands
I realized my love was no more than a mirage fro you.

I faced my fears alone to accompany you
I left broken when you said, 'it's over now.'

by Asma Khan

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Nice one.. keep going!