Dreams, Love, And Feeling

are passions untamed and free
in the closing hours of every day;
by looking at the threshold at bar
means nothing for the searcher's prey.
It seems as though a delight
For certain looks abound beyond flight,
Naught by the own whims and desires
And within hurdles, it braves wide.
No wonder, no pain, nor fame
To fade and hide!

Is a desire in passion, chained and freed
In the closing days of every hour;
By waiting at the crest and threshold
Means everything for lover's delight.
It deems as though a mantle
For certain looks, wild and free!
Naught to the whims nor caprices
And within bundles, it thrives wide.
Not easy nor vainful, of felt in chide and hide!

Are expressed by actions
In the tremulous days of every dream;
Closer to hold, near to reach but far
By the fate of a material world.
It would pin the foe, win their delight
At the garden of love's rendezvous;
No matter what the spectators told anew
To the bards and the desert crow.
For actions spoken hard far more but few!

by Gil Gregorio

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