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Dreams Make The World Go 'Round
JP ( / Canada)

Dreams Make The World Go 'Round

'Hope is a waking dream.' Aristotle

Hope is a dream - a survival of our inner thoughts,
Love is a hope that opens up our hearts,
A smile in our face that makes the love go round,
Your word and mine - its meaning well defined.

A dream woven in earnest honesty
A resolute of hope that love awaits for thee,
For we'll survive in hope that dreams gone by
A bridge connects our distance way up high.

The dream we make - a light shines in our eyes,
Connections made a way back in our present lives,
To think of us in dreams of hope impart
A promise persevered in the nook of our faithful heart.

Though dreams let go of love for now to explore,
The dream of love way back still strong and so secure,
For dreams survive in hope for love's stronghold
The torch of hope - still a dream we do uphold.

Live on with dreams to make your world go round,
Lock away the hope of love for now 'till time is ripe,
Connect that bridge 'make hope a waking dream'
Hope to survive for love the second time again.

August 5,2007

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