Dreams Never Change

There is nothing much they can do
every corner is like an old man's shoe,
on each street the same pubs, the same shops
everyone who walks knows everyone who talks;
there is no stranger here or beyond the river
the faces have aged with time and memories;
every year many come to see the castles
they are the only people who are new,
the freshness of the wines make them fall asleep
and make them feel their holiday was worth its fill;
the dogs don't bark, they are well-fed and brushed
the birds feel cold and choose their own homes;
life is like a day-dream wanting new actions
the reactions don't matter as all that the place
has to offer is a boost to old dreams which keeps
everyone silently happy, social and inter-acting.

by Jacson Gelato

Comments (1)

Wonderful write.. Congrats Places are same only the visitors are new who come to find little happiness +++10