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Dreams Of Avalon
DL David Lacey (2/3/87 / Middlesbrough)

Dreams Of Avalon

Into the wilderness blue she strides turning her head from temptation,
Within the heart of her soul lay the prospect of pure redemption.
Clarity she seeks upon her Journey as I sit and ponder within myself.
Open are the realms to long lost memories of crying beneath
The covers of a blood red blanket asylum. I remember now, burying
My head into the pillow of forgetfulness, I remember now how I felt
Whilst travelling home bearing the tears of regret,
I remember now leaving the beauty of frozen mountain ranges behind
Me as I strode on into the heavy unknown.

Such a strange memory it is to have awoken at this time yet I have grown
Upon and beyond the tears that kept me drowning and I have become
All to aware that those are the memories that ground me alongside
Reminding me of my freedom.

I pray you are never but a memory of a former life
But that I know you to be near throughout my existence upon this plain and beyond
Though I understand we may be worlds apart at times, sometimes with distances growing.
Spoken is my heart too often, numbed is the sensibility of my reason,
Yet it would seem high treason of the soul to silence the spirit of passions saviour.

Dreams of Avalon within the dreams of Albion’s children settle within the
Twilight Realm.Pan can be heard upon the wind, his piping heralding on the dawn of summers glory.

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