CMW (May 3,1946 / Manhattan, Kansas)


I'm starting to believe.. the words that come outta your mouth..
how you love me.. how you want me.. telling me for months now.
wanting me to be better then what I am.. and making me smile every step of the way.
damn girl.. I dont even deserve it.

You look in my eyes.. telling me she moved on, and you're right here,
waiting for me to unfold my arms.

I guess, I just dont wanna believe that part of the story..
but, when its time, to go, I'll know... and now the feeling shows..

guity for wanting what cant be done.

Words catching on, making me believe its time to move on.

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A passion grows for those whose love glows through their auras to welcome strangers. I'd love to share a cup of chai to chat with friends in open air. I long to return home, though I have never been there.... Dear Poetess come to India...... thanks Very beautiful poem
I hold a reverence for Hindu gods and goddesses. I aspire to learn the sacredness of varmala in the seeds of past lifetimes I have shared... Very beautiful line and respect for hindu
Of garlands placed with care, a gajra in a maiden's hair and the hues of floral leis... ..floral beauty
Of crickets singing nightly to serenade me to sleep. I dream of colors of the saris, the beauty that they keep.... India is famous for custom...festval
I dream of the Ganges, and her gentle cleansing flow, of reflections on its surface when the moon is hanging low... Sweet imagery
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