Dreams Of The Present

I dreamed last night
That I could fly
That I spread my wings
And I touched the sky

I saw a spark
In the dark blue sky
So I flew towards it
Without knowing why

It was a star
Silent and bright
That lit up the sky
With its pale gold light

I thought about it
How it tried to shine
Through endless space
For an endless time

One wish was granted
For me by that star
So I made the wish
And hoped it would go far

My wish for a girl
I had seen on the street
She was begging for food
For something to eat

After the wish
I woke up with a smile
And I thought that the dream
Had been worthwhile

As I walked to school thinking
'Do dreams come true? '
I saw that girl buying bread
'... Maybe they do.'

by Jenny Diamond

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this is awshum. I like it