SE (1993 / Shrewsbury)

Dreams Of Verona

Juliet dreams bloody dreams
Of tears and terror, silent screams
As blood-soaked papers burn to dust
Vows and virtue mix with lust
An age-old rift turns hearts to stone
Juliet must leave this world alone
Star-crossed lovers meet their death
When Juliet draws her last breath
In broken dreams, Verona grieves
And Romeo? He never leaves

Soft in sleep, she makes believe
Undoing dreams made to deceive
History will write itself
A heart-stained volume on the shelf
He slips away, she falls apart
Memories of an unbroken heart
In understanding lives the lie
That dreams and stars will never die
As mercy falls as white as snow
Her Romeo, he still can’t go

Fighting, crying on the floor
Hearts and hate her lover tore
She drops the dream and breaks her vow
History can’t hurt her now
She turns and flees- she won’t look back
Red and crimson can’t make black
She turns her head and fights alone
All her charms now overthrown
And as her dream love slips away
Romeo can never stay…

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this was a well put together poem, nice work