Dreams Of...

The sand is rough on my back
The thrusting ability isn’t something you lack
Pushing in deep
And the tide sweeps gently over our feet
Cool winds brushing my hair
Your love you declare
Your hands are cold I moan
I make you promise me you’ll never leave
You whisper my every fantasy
Shedding a sensation over my body
And I tingle from every inch
Quivering parts and you grin,
Your mouth my skin
The moon light, it’s laying thin
The stars are bright
And as we both release everything is right
Hard fires and pressure has me shaking
Your lips and my lips pressing,
My shoulders arched, and your hands caressing
My eyes are shut,
You eyes are gazing over my body
You whisper,
(I can’t make it out)
You whisper,
(I can’t hear your soothing voice)
You whisper,
You get up and,
Then you leave me
I begin to follow you, but I’m stumbling,
As I fall I come awake
I hate those dreams when I can’t finish
But, the rush I feel doesn’t seem in any way fake

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