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Dreams: Span Of 3 Months..
SB (02 05 1986 / soro)

Dreams: Span Of 3 Months..

6th January- It was winter morning.
I just rolled over my bed with pillow
Sunlight spreads over my forehead.
Someone knocked my door
Again & again..
Suddenly I woke up
I saw a small bird twittering at window.
I was feeling happy for a few moments
Thinking how beautiful they enjoying life..
Why not I! !
Suddenly I left for another place.
Although it was painful for me
To leave something back...
Anyhow I managed
just left the place without unnoticed.
Leaving all the memories..
it's already 10.30am
I was at different place with unknown faces
Sometimes I felt very uncomfortable
but It was pre-decided to some other place
I saw some unnoticed face with artificial smiles
Left this things
I just noticed someone's face with full of smile
she was not talking with anything
but her eyes were talking every moments.
Few moments I saw her...
it was unnoticed for me..
Suddenly I got a call from my boss.
For 2 mins I just felt where I have been.
I recalled everything..
I got disturbed while my boss was firing me.
Unknowingly I said I will be here.
Just I came out from that place
Decided not to take wrong decisions with wrong commitment
Anyways I just started new life with unknown specimens...

25th February-
It's already 1&1/2 months..
I recalled everything.
The day She talked to me.
I saw some unnoticed things on her face,
Some unusual expressions & some childish act
Some sweetness for a moments & smiling face.
I didn't know
Why I was seeing her and searching some facts.
Although she was disturbing me again & again
I always find her in my friend's circle
As short span of time
We already build our friendship sphere.
Everything was good for us...
My helping hands are always with her..
Each and every moment I tried to be there
But I didn't know
Where was that moment hiding?
When I saw her at Bus stop
Unknowingly I had taken her name.
Although the moment didn't disappears from eyesight...
Some Memories were unforgettable for me..
As it was part of my life...
26th march-
As the time spends with her
I didn't feel anything wrong within me.
But some facts& time proofs
Me was wrong.
My hand was already locked
I tried a lot to keep all within myself
Unfortunately my Wrong decision with false commitment
Makes all things out of focus.
But it was true
My eye was full of tears when she left me on the way..
And I was just finding myself within me..
It was Friday evening..
I just step out from my office..
Convinced on the way to left all things.
But the time didn't gave me any back.
Some Feelings and Sympathy tried to understood her
Again & Again I wants to convince her to know me..
Although I was not bad but some moments proof me as Bad
Remembering the day on which I presented some memories..
Some Cheerful moments with her..
She was happy at the moment..
As it was unforgettable...
16th April-
Just escaping the moments..
Looking forward with a new vision
I wanted to forgot everything..
The spicy moments with bitter times
Recalling again the pasts
How it was beautiful..
I know I already crossed
The barrier of all paths
Try to compromise with my life.
But it was too late...
The bouncing moments
Wrong decisions with wrong commitment
Although it have been crossed a couple of months
The day how I spent here
Like dreams the office for step in and never leave..
I didn't know
Whether the moments can be recalled by her or not
But it will be remembered by me
till my life ends.
Suddenly my dream disappears
From my circle...
And all things left me alone..
She was quite happy with all
But the burning moments with sour memories..
I realize
When I want to come back
And concentrate on myself...

By-Susanta Bandha

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