Dreams We Had

Poem By jim foulk

Dreams we had
as a youth,
dreams long gone.

Dreams not fulfilled,
only talk was done,
dreams faded away.

Walk toward your dreams,
not away from them,
dreams can become real.

Your youth only stays
for a short moment,
then like a vapor, its gone.

Chase your dreams now,
no matter what anyone may say,
dreams can come true.

Comments about Dreams We Had

All the great things that were ever accomplished in this world first began as a dream in the mind of a dedicated individual. Very inspiring, Jim. Warm regards, Sandra
Perhaps writing this one is an example of following your dreams Jim. It is certainly an inspiration to all who read it. Lovely piece. Allie xxxxxxxxx
Positive and wise words jim. Wish I'd lived it this way! ! Pithily and very well expressed. The best to you, jim
Grand advice with a lovely flow
Jim, you are so right, dreams can come true if you really want to pursue them. Lovely rhythm to this poem. Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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