Day To Day

a broken heart
is harder to carry
a happy face
is just an illusion
the world isn't perfect
like it's never been
pain is here to stay
nothing will ever get rid of it
the only way to survive day to day
is to put on an act
and pretend everything is OK

by Ricky Durkin

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Profound, In two lines you said every possible thing about dream...
https: // in=kenny-mitchell-28/sets/out-of-the-shadows-kenny
Dream a nice poem in very limited lines and interested.
It seems quite straightforward to me. Why Straw et al want to stand it on it's head I don't know. Just contrariness, perhaps. Dreams are mostly a side-effect of internal housekeeping of the brain, to do with transferring memories from short-term to long-term storage etc. They don't usually make sense, though this is an over-simplification.
What is a dream? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
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