VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

Dreamscape Seducer

In my dreams she lays before me
Calling me to her presence and lust set free
Her body enwraps around me I am captive
Pulling me down upon herself so passive

Tracing my weakness with a dark nail
I am staggered and bound without fail
Who are you that haunt’s my dreams
Who are you that make’s my passions stream

Touching me within and inside my senses
Why are you in my mind, my body tenses
Are you an angel seeking a curious resolution
Or the darkest element called by an illusion

A passionate dreamscape that ceases to flow
This nigh time endeavour shall never let me go
I am the creature caught in your widows web
Curled and enwrapped around me your heat ebbs

Eyes I see look upon me with wanting gaze
Every moment beyond reminisce my waking days
Swaying like branches in a storm, the rain of her power
This sincerest copulation like a pollinating flower

Within her she makes me a worth to which I deliver
Under her arrest I am her servant, her concubine prisoner
Without resistance, without mercy she makes me complete
Dying for her to be my reality so I feel her every heat

Completed is my dream and her transition starts
From this dreamscape to the waking world in parts
Drifting away from her embrace the cold life returns
Awaking to my hunger for my needing of her it burns

The day continues from hence forth onwards
Never knowing her name or loving words
It is my desire, wanting to be within her frame
This shall happen I pray for when I sleep again

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