Poem Hunter
(04 October 1943 / Germany)


Last night I had a funny dream:
While flying over mountains,
saw scenery I'd never seen
and desert towns with fountains.

Saw rabbits, foxes, cats and dogs
and wombats hiding inside logs,
and birds and bees and butterflies
and busy beavers, rats and mice.

Was tempted to attack with speed
to get myself a decent feed.
When suddenly I spotted her:
Soft skin, dark eyes, no jungle fur.

She sat alone amongst the trees,
her nipples proud, with pointed knees.
Lips parted, soft and moist - so tempting,
as if they meant to be pre-empting.

Ye Gods! I'm not an infidel!
Please let me linger, keep me well.
And let me drink this image in,
head over heels commit this sin.

I want to hold her to my chest
and kiss her eyes and all the rest,
and can we slowly dream together,
lie down among the moss and heather?

Just one more thing I want to ask:
You Gods, it is a simple task.
Let darkness come, two stars may shine
when I am hers and she is mine.

Then, as the night air slowly cools
my LOVELY kisses me and drools.
We want no promises, no lies
because we are in Paradise.

There is no time that keeps progressing,
that, in itself, our greatest blessing.
It's here and now - there's no tomorrow,
no earthly baggage and no sorrow.

And would you like to know the rest?
This dream has learned to break all rules.
Eternally I'm at her breast,
my LOVELY kisses me and drools.

This story has a happy ending,
it's true and does not need amending.
And, if you think that I'm a tease
I look at her and say: 'yes, please.'

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Naughty and nice.
.......along with some of Bertolt Brecht's stuff...............
Can't say too much...but this should be posted in the bedroom... :)