(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Dressed In Personas

You may come in to sit and chat!
You may come in...
Feel welcomed and relaxed.

You are invited to explore beliefs,
Released from tensions created by deceit.
I will not greet you with conceit,
Or provide an atmosphere teased to defeat!

I too have known flight from misunderstanding.
And I stood my ground...
When I found I refused to fail my mission
To be unconditionally 'me'!

And I learned how upsetting that can be...
For those still dressed
In personas that keep them hidden,
Cloaked and tested.

You may come in to sit and chat!
I recognize where you are at!
And it feels so good we both are here...
Without seeking direction.
Focused with introspection free,
And undenied.
Being who we are...
Unthreatened with nothing to hide!

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