Dried Flower

In the middle of loneliness
Mysterious charm shown in brightness
Captivation has persist
Without her life wont exist

Spell from heart has been done
Mess cleared and gone
As she near me
It keeps me enchant by thee

Deaf to explicit my aim
I can't resist your charm when you came
Hideous emotion has kept
And let inside left

At the time got my words to speak
That i was ashamed and feel weak
Then when i said i need you
And my love will always persue

In the way she didnt knew real matter
I got severe illness goin' farther
My final days is yet counted
Prevent the fact she found it

Another day has pass by a ride
I offer a boquet of roses that was dried
She got her hands off my face
The easily stood back tryin' to forget mourn days

Days has fast flowing
A news scatter that i was hospital moving
The girl has been stun
When she heard i to be gone

In grief she recall days
The love they eventually waste
She got her dried flower unexpectedly saw a letter didn't knew
'The Flower you see is me without you'

by Blue Jones Edward Anthony Engbino

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