Dried Rose

Poem By Aidin Azarkerdar

Emotionally stands for flower or a chance
Shred the magic and eye on the door
He is not coming, she is not a bold
Pealing the papers, puzzling at mind
Says to herself I am not only one
Knocking on the door
Heart bleeding soul
She is not running knees on hold
Shaking to speeding but hand on the door
Who is knocking? Who is on the door?
Sorry dear madam, I have you a Rose
She is all breaking, tears on the floor
Message is given, heart lost the soul
It is all the pain, a plaque and the dried Rose
Emotionally stands with flower she does hold
He is not coming, she is not a bold

Comments about Dried Rose

A nice write... I would like you read my poem In the mid of the night depression you are killing me too. Naila
He is not knocking at her door and she is not bold enough to knock at his door. The rose of love is drying. A lovely description of a situation which is faced by many lovers.
Very sad to see one hold out hope for a love that has served its purpose and keep seem to find the strength to move forward. Nicely done.

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