VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)


Journey on and onwards, passing from place to place
Reach out for the spade, but somehow drew the ace
A little luck, found in this unconfined, extension of living
Close the door and walk the road again, onto my undying

An orange mist draws, across my steps, my feet are invisible
Never to witness the methods that got me here, just the principle
A sign that swings, unending, in the breeze that never moves me
Taking the scene, for the words that allegorises, the picture frame

What be it, that the physical, conveys to the perceptive mind
Didn’t realise I was looking for an answer, I never asked a question
And I, my own apprentice, to make sense of everything personified
To find love in every evening shade, to hold and taste the purified

Stealing the vibration of a constant, a way of wandering the morn
Infinite days, that always values the companionship, so that I forlorn
Treading on, into the fog, the desert shade that encompasses, my skin
Sense of exploration, though I know not where I be, or be within

When knees are weak that, I, gaze to the stars, upon the rolling dune
And await for the glory, for arising of my closest friend, the red moon
They say the dust discolours the lunar shield, for me this is perfect
To demand for so little, and comprehend the meek, and mild concept

Be that words are a waste of time, when imagery of this place confide
Me. Within its heart, the night time, atmosphere, dwells for me inside
A cooling of my face, relieving the days burning, of the relentless sun
Reach down and feel the thing of security, tracing the trigger of my gun

So that the bullets across my belt, be my sanctuary, if I travel no more
Arming the clip and fantasise, ending of my steps of this land, so poor
For now, bring forth another day, another location, for another destination
Walk the surface of this Earth, a wanderer of unconscious realisation

by Vision Ghost

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