LS (July 1,1991 / Laguna Niguel)

Drifting Away

It doesn't make sense
Why is this pain so intense?
I see you everday
You make me smile in every way
We're closer than anyone
When im sad you're the one to which i run
But now it feels different
It feels like the person you were has gone and went
You dont talk to me as much
I dont get the same feeling with your touch
I come home and cry
Because deep inside
Im wondering if im losing my best friend
I cant make it without you
You're the one who pulled me through
All the heartbreak and pain
All my thoughts i had taken in vain
Wiped my tears and held me close
Until i met you i didnt believe in heroes
You saved my life and sanity
You showed me the beauty I couldnt see
Please dont leave me alone
Dont leave me on my own
Through all the pain from my broken mind
You stayed close by my side
Dont drift away like everyone else
Because then there wont be anyone who can help

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