Where Did Those Days Go?

I want to wake up in your arms again,
Feeling your touch against mine.
I want to hear your voice whisper I love you,
For the first words I hear of the day.
I want to lie next to you and forget the world,
Like we use to do.

I miss those days.
The days it was just you and me,
No one else mattered.
The days when we use to forget the world and our problems.
I miss you.

I want forget the world like we use to,
When no one else mattered to us.
Whatever happened to those days?
They flew by so fast and now I just want them back.

I miss the days that you and I were irrespirable,
No one could come between us.
We could take on the world and not have a care in the world.
What happened to those days?

Now I find myself locked away from the world,
Distant from it all.
I long to have you by my side,
I long to feel what we once had.
Where did those days go?
I miss them so.
I miss you,
My dear love

by 7Shadows Teed

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