A drink! A drink! I hear her plead.
No! No! No! She does not need,
Another vodka, can't she see?
She's wrapped up in her misery.

What does it solve, that demon, booze?
You drink enough and you will lose,
Your self respect and dignity.
Isn't that a great pity?

But she didn't listen, now she's dead.
There is no more that can be said.
What did it prove? Why did she die?
I scream up to a starless sky.

Please don't ignore this little ditty,
It's not written to be witty.
I've put it here to make you think,
So please 'Beware', the demon drink.

My little sister didn't listen,
Three litre a day, she was drinkin'

Nobody could help her, no~one could ease her pain,
She shut everybody out her life and died at home alone,
I feel real sad it happened. It makes me feel real bad,
'Cause I have pleasant memories of happy times we had.

by Lizzy Tomlinson

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This is very sad and a great waste of life, but from a poets point of view its very well written, good content and message within well done.