Drink It All Away

My name is Rose
I have abusive parents, much to your dismay
They love me, I don’t know what’s going on
So I drink it all away

I thought I had found a man I loved
Eventually our relationship began to fray
I became aware he was cheating on me
So I drank it all away

My name is Dan
Many people in the school believe I’m gay
I’m laughed at like I’m a freak sideshow
So I drink it all away

My name is Kylie
My best friend Gina and I ran outside to play
So was killed instantly when hit by that car
(Sure, it was years ago)
But I still drink it all away

My name is Jacob
And all I want to do is be viewed as “cool” today
No matter what it takes, I’ll do it
So I drink my true self away

by Lauren

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