Bible Of Love

Fools fall in love once.
Wise fall in love daily.
Though their love is seldom true
Yet, they love once madly.

Love with wealth is trade:
It gives joys not solace.
Love with fame is mirage:
Disgrace covered in grace.

Love is not a tamed horse.
Love is a tiger, rude.
Love left Eden, caused Troy.
Love causes duels and feud.

Love bypasses all laws:
Ethical, political, religious...
Love is wild and mad.
Love is cunning and religious.

Love burns Palace and Kingdom.
Love burns kith and kin.
Love cuts palms withknife.
Love is the beautiful sin.

Love incomplete is rage.
Love cheated is fire.
Love retires but never dies.
Love is struggle in mire.

Love is First law of life.
Love is selfish and insane.
Love at times hurts God
And ignores witty brain.

Love is your second shadow.
It follows you everywhere.
Look over your left shoulder.
Look. It is always there.

by Sahil SharifdinEnglish

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