I'll whisper this words
so you would hear

I'll whisper it softly
within your ear

Without a single word
I'll tell you I'm near

And hold you tightly
so you don't have to fear
the bleeding stigmas
of Cupid's sharp spears



by Inday Prising

Comments (10)

Such great advice is so desperately needed in this age of opioids! Excellent write, Ronell!
Nice advice of a learned poet, loved this poem.
You'll have a hard time thinking clearly You'll often get lost in the shuffle People will avoid you at all costs. a very great advice you give dear poet............ those who will read your poem will change.... i hope.......let us hope together to change this world to goodness and to God. tony
Sorry, I have to confess that, though I applaud this poet for the prolific number of poems authored and circulated by our valued Website, I am not in favour of morphing prose into verse by cutting up some sentences into separate lines, disregarding the Comma, and even standard norms of English grammar and usage. I shall read a few more of the author's contributions and perhaps correct my own errors. A.Madhavan
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