Drinking And Drugging Is Not The Way To Go

Drinking and drugging is not the way to go
It leads to nothing but trouble
You'll have a hard time thinking clearly
You'll often get lost in the shuffle

by Ronell Warren Alman Click to read full poem

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that's really good keep up the good work.. pleez do comment/ review/ write your thoughts on my site..
Such great advice is so desperately needed in this age of opioids! Excellent write, Ronell!
Nice advice of a learned poet, loved this poem.
You'll have a hard time thinking clearly You'll often get lost in the shuffle People will avoid you at all costs. a very great advice you give dear poet............ those who will read your poem will change.... i hope.......let us hope together to change this world to goodness and to God. tony
Sorry, I have to confess that, though I applaud this poet for the prolific number of poems authored and circulated by our valued Website, I am not in favour of morphing prose into verse by cutting up some sentences into separate lines, disregarding the Comma, and even standard norms of English grammar and usage. I shall read a few more of the author's contributions and perhaps correct my own errors. A.Madhavan
Get high in the moment, it lasts longer and stays purer
Others will not know who you really are and you won't know yourself either. Well said, Ronell.
One should just drink Life to the fullest and live healthy.. A beautiful write.. Thanks for sharing..
Very true. One should stay away from these habits.
The virtue of the truth is better than lies. Nice work.
Very true, what is the point to drink when you are not in full senses?