Drinking And Drugs

I self harm, but
What difference should,
It make to you.

You all tell me,
I'm wrong,
I shouldn't do it,
I shouldn't think that way.

You don't see,
It's not really,
Self harm,
I'm just,
Helping myself,
Get over what i've done wrong.

I cut my wrists,
I don't know why.

So leave me be,
Just let me get by.

There are worst things,
I could do to myself,
Cause more harm,
I might not wake up.

I could be taking digs,
Wating away, with every,
Pill I decide to pop.

I could be drinking,
Drinking to my despare,
Kill my liver, so
No longer can i live.

At least when,
I cut my wrists,
They will heel, but
I can see the scars,
So i now i've healed,
Some of the pain.

I self harm but,
It's safer than
Drinking and Drugs

written 3rd june 2010

by jess jayne

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hmmm, i guess no matter what you harm yourself right? it seems the only things in life that cause any self reclaim are those that cause pain. or so it seems, no matter what you cause harm to yourself, because you feel you must.