336. Attack On The Moff's Shuttle

It was supposed to be a routine visit
for the Moff ‘s shuttle and its tie escort
no one predicted it would turn out
so different from the Emperor's plan
and have such dire consequences

The docking was watched by a young Rebel leader
from his position high above the port
this is the moment he has been waiting for
a chance to prove himself and strike back
in revenge for the loss of his family

He signals the rest of his group
so they can set up the arranged ambush
one they have been practicing for many months
and now it is time to set it in action

Their hearts are racing
as they take their positions
minds set on surviving this day
whether they live or die does not matter
their efforts will inspire more to join them
to bring peace to the galaxy far far away

by John Westlake

Comments (2)

Wonderful expression! really enjoyed it. Thank you
It's a wonderful ditty that should be put to a tune to make it easy to recite.