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Drinking Vodka From A Two-Eared Mug
(15/07/56 / Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare, Eire.)

Drinking Vodka From A Two-Eared Mug

Poem By Dónall Dempsey

its handle still intact
the shattered mug
screaming across the floor

the second mug
her love life in pieces

she superglues the handle
to another mug
giving it Prince Charles ears

this double eared
Frankenstein mug
becomes her favourite

ahhh the warm embrace
of her bath
the ring of candles

she cries
into her bath
head hippo-like just above the water

she feels just like Alice
sings a good imitation Ray Charles
'...gonna drown in my own tears...'

she lets her head go under
her breasts emerge
like two newly formed islands

the answerphone
tells her that it's
'...sorry babe...I love you Jen! '

she slips getting out
hits her chin on the rim
candles sizzle into water

she just cries and cries
into the phone
the phone 'shhhh...' shushes her

an hour later
the bell buzzes madly
they drink vodka from a two-eared mug

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