(25th March 1943 / )

Saturday Night Dance

Looked forward to the Saturday Night dance
We did, all dressed up to 'shine',
With winkle picker shoes, and layers of net
In our petticoats. We felt divine.

The 'hair do' backcombed to perfection,
The lipstick a bright Roman Pink,
The 10 denier stockings, were totally great,
And, that handsome Teddy Boy's wink!

Rock and roll, The Twist, The Locomotion,
Were the favourites of the day,
And then there was the 'smoochy' waltz,
When cheek to cheek, we could 'swoon' away.

You sat, until some bold young fella,
Would have the courage to ask you up,
To do 'The Jive' or the 'Cha Cha Cha',
Or to fetch you some wine to sup.

Some lads were delightful to dance with,
While others had two left feet,
But one would have to suffer them gladly,
If you wanted to, leave your seat.

Politeness would rule the evening,
And courtesy was really great,
When someone would give you a lift back home,
If the dance, went on too late.

Gone are those days of feeling feminine,
With the boys, debonair and bold,
But, Oh, it was so romantic then,
When you had a 'strong' hand to hold.

There was fun with the band playing loudly.
When being female, we dressed to 'kill',
And when men were Gents and treated us girls,
With, respect. Now that was definitely 'BRILL'!

© Ernestine Northover

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A wonderful nostalgic trip back into the 1950's. A bit before my time thank God! Love, Andrew xx
This certainly carried my back to more innocent times. Of course, I was the boy with the two left feet, but the girls were kind. I remember the dances very well. One - two - chachacha! Sorry about your slippers! Brilliant write.
Full of happy memories from times past, very moving, especially the way that you say that the lads would treat you with such respect, a brilliant poem and I'm glad I didn't miss this one, Love Duncan
Oh, the good old days when men were proud to be masculine and women were glad to be feminine. Unfortunately the days of chivalry are all but over. Nowdays men are afraid to open doors for women or compliment them on their beauty for fear of being accused of sexual harassment. If women don't want to be complimented or noticed by men then why do we spend billions of dollars yearly and hours daily trying to get them to notice us? Sounds like a truly magical time, Ernestine, and I know that when a man opens a door for me or compliments me on how I look I look him squarely in the eye and thank him for his kindness, courtesy and consideration. Thank you to all the gentlemen out there who still treat us like ladies. Great write, Ernestine. Shannon
it sounds like a magic time.
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