HA ( / Canada)

Drip Drip, Drip Drip.

There was once a girl,
lonely and sad.
Her life wasn't fun,
it was bad.
She smiled and laughed,
but it was a lie.
It was an act,
for inside she had died.
She said she was fine,
but again she had lied.
Inside she was broken,
inside she cried.
One day she sat,
alone in her room,
thinking to herself,
alone was her doom.
And then she saw,
a gleam of light.
The sun shone off something,
shiny and bright.
She picked it up,
and stared in wonder.
It was a knife,
how did it get there?
She held the knife firm,
but it slipped.
It slipped through her hands,
and cut her wrist.
She felt no pain,
the cuts in her heart were worse.
She wondered if she went deeper,
then would it hurt?
And so she tried,
and the blood dripped down.
Down her arm,
it pooled on the ground.
She looked at the blood,
pooled on the ground,
and thought to herself,
on her arm rubies are found.
It still didn't hurt,
so she moved down.
She made a new incision,
and rubies crowned.
No pain in her arm,
but plenty in her heart.
Through her wrists,
her heart might restart.
She went deeper again,
and then switched wrists.
The blood dripped down,
drip drip, drip drip.

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sounds like 'ode to the shallow'...lol