Drip Drop

Drip Drop, the sound of the rain.
It's melody eases me to sleep, I know no

Drip Drop, the rain falls to the ground.
While in my deep sleep I am not aware of
the evil all around.

Drip Drop, still the rain falls.
Someone out there is suffering, but in my
sleep I can do nothing at all.

Drip Drop, the sound of their tears.
While awake they cannot escape their fears.

Drip Drop, their tears fall to the ground
Evil and Hatred encompasses them all around.

If only they could close their eyes,
For a moment become a bird and reach for the skies.

But In my sleep I cannot ease their pain.
And in their suffering they cannot stop the rain.

Drip Drop, the sound of the rain and tears.
Will there ever be a day with no pain or fears?

by James Royster

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My friends and I (three still) liked the drip drop, (well one of them did) as for me myself I rather liked that poem. It reminded me of just...well never mind that I jsut liked it. Lylyanna