Dripping The Past In Lights

I remember you,
Shining under the spotlight of my stare
Love at first sight
You became my sun that day
My stars at night
I warmed in the glow of your love
Grew in the garden of your arms
Slowly the 60-watt soft pink flowed to a 40 watt clear
The sun set, turned to a waning moon
Blindly ignoring every lighthouse
I crashed headlong,
Headlong onto the rocks of impending loneliness
All the lights turned to green
We went our separate ways
You into a Kaleidoscope
A world of light, of colour
Left to a life in the shadow of a strobe
Wondering where yesterday went
Walking a tungsten street to nowhere
To anywhere
With each flash of a camera
A memory of us surges forward
A picture of what was
Mentally, I laser cut myself out
See myself dropp to the floor
Twisting and turning in the air
Me- white- me-white- me -white
Landing face down
Into darkness

Somewhere in my soul,
Part of you remains,
A candle flickering
Pride prevents me from blowing you out
As you flicker
Casting shadows,
Dripping the past
Onto my heart
As the lights go out….

by Bill Smith

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Given, I do tend to cry easily, being a poet and all, but seriously. I just about lost it. Absolutely incredible. I want to thank you for your words; thank you for sharing them. They make the world that much brighter. :)