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Drive-By Love
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Drive-By Love

Blood stains
And bullets without a name
Flying aimlessly
For a purpose unknown

The guilty flee
While the innocent get burned
MOtionless bodies
Sprawled on the floor
A family in ruins
Need I say more

Drive by shooting
Little boy gone in vain

Like a drive-by shooting
you're gone without a name
You don't leave a number
Just leave me here to think

Why did you leave me
And will you ever be back again

Your love is like a drive-by
Here one second
gone the next

I can't take this s**t
I'm leaving you
Forget this

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Comments (1)

Wow. This is so powerful! I'm sorry that you have a love like that.: / Great imagery in the first part. I know that it may be wrong to love something so sad, but it's written so well that I can't help to do anything but love it!