DR (09-11-1982 / London, England)

Driven (Episode 1)

When something has been taken from deep inside of you
The pain becomes a secret that you keep locked up in its place
It’s a wound so deep they never show the never go away
You try washing away the stain but it never ever fades
The pain, the loss; is here to stay

Life becomes a mangle and you no longer know who to trust
Everyone and everything seems so far away from you,
Tension steadily building inside and like rust its eating away at you
What was that something that was taken from deep inside of you? ? ?

Memories of what it was have been lost and consumed
Now you walk with a vague thought permanently set in mind
Occasionally filled by a thought, but the steadily building tension
Rips open all your old wounds and your mind is now completely confused

Racing thoughts at the speed of sound, memories of years gone by begin to replay
At the speed of light it ignites everything you though you’d beat inside, the rage erupts infusing all with invincibility, your tired, your trying not to think of the deceit but how much more can be taken when your broken and already weak, you just wish a simple wish to get back up on your feet, but the ground falls below and you have nothing to left beneath

Life is now a void, void of everything except the pain of what was taken from deep inside of you,
You tried so hard, but things aren’t what they where before, you cried so hard, but don’t recognize yourself anymore, so this is the end one final fall, as you’ve come too far pushed as far as you could go so one thing you should know I tried and I tried so hard and with a leap of faith you depart,

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Like having the rug pulled out from under you.